Paul Walsh

A technologist designing and delivering solutions for humans with data.

I'm CEO at Datopian, where we support governments, enterprise, and non-profits with products and services for data management. We are a team of 20+ passionate people who believe in exceptional service, default openness, and authentic interactions.

Previously, I was Chief Product Officer at Open Knowledge International, a global non-profit that works with government, business and civil society on open data and open knowledge projects towards data-driven social change.

I've worked for the last 12 years designing and building user interfaces, scalable web servers, AI-driven chatbots, and platforms for data management and analysis. I've taken such projects from idea to production on my own, and leading teams of 2 - 30 people.

I love to write and contribute to open source software, and I curate and co-author a range of specifications for data interoperability.