Paul Walsh

At work, a technologist building data-driven products on the web. At home, a family guy, an amateur musician, a vegan cook, and passionate traveler.


What I do

I'm a product-focused technologist who has designed and built user interfaces, scalable web servers, AI-driven chatbots, and platforms for data management and analysis. I've taken such projects from idea to production on my own, and leading teams of 2 - 20 people.

I've worked in several roles across product, engineering, and project delivery. I'm skilled in several programming languages (Python, JavaScript, Clojure) and full stack web development. I curate and co-author a range of specifications for data interoperability.

Where I do it

My current role is as Chief Product Officer at Open Knowledge International, a global non-profit that works with government, business and civil society towards data-driven social change. We do this via software development, thought leadership, and community facilitation around data, all towards the creation of more transparent and accountable societies.

I am responsible for our product and services development, project delivery for both our philanthropic funded and commercial work, and, as part of the Senior Management Team, organisational strategy. I manage an overall staff of 30 people.


I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Anthropology and Sociology from the University of Western Australia.